Monday, 18 December 2017

I Think it is Christmas! At home and at Church.

The Robins came home to roost

I love the reflections

Some of the children made the hangings on the left

Aren't I brave! 

There are lots of children but I don't know where they were when I was taking these photos!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Almost 50 Years since I got to See or Talk to my Brother

What fun this was - an hour talking to my youngest brother (he is 13 years younger than me) Stephen in Melbourne, Australia. 
It was strange as hard to recognise even a brother after almost 50 years.
Emotional too, as when Stephen was 11 years old we brought him down to London, from Liverpool (my childhood city) for a while because our Mother was recovering from surgery, our Father had memory loss and was found wandering in Manchester quite some miles away and our Grandmother had broken her leg.
We were living among a Jewish community in North West London in a bed sitting room at the time and our Jewish friends were so kind to us. They took Stephen into their Jewish school and were very generous towards him.
I was the Akela of their Cub Pack at the time.

Stephen photographed by my nephew as we connect on
 Face time. Apparently it was 45degrees there.

Stephen here as an 8 year old at my wedding, along with my 2 other younger brothers. Kenneth on the left also went to live in Australia and I did not see him either and he died 28 years ago.
I'm in touch with 1 of his sons through Facebook.
Kenneth on the left and Geoffrey on the right (who lives in this country) both developed Muscular Dystrophy.
The connection with Stephen a couple of weeks ago was arranged by my nephew, his eldest son, who I have recently connected  with through Facebook. 
My found that my brother Stephen had 3 sons and a daughter so that is 3 nephews and a niece for me.
From that family alone I have 5 great nieces and 6 great nephews. 
(To the right of the photo is our Mother)
I certainly have a much larger family in Australia than over here!  

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Gooderstone Water Gardens, Norfolk

A very enchanting Water Garden
I have to say that we did not do it justice in taking in the whole garden. We were on our way home and had already spent most of the day at Oxburgh Hall which I will post on later. However what we did see was worth the visit.
13 bridges, natural trout stream, 4 ponds, nature trail, bird hide, otter pond, Kingfisher Hide, Monet Pond and more.

Billy Knights, a retired farmer began designing and creating the Water Gardens in 1970 in his 70th year. The site was a damp meadow which became too wet for cattle to graze. His son jokingly suggested a water garden which prompted him to draw out plans on a piece of wallpaper and it now gives enjoyment to many today.

Cafe and tearoom

Maybe we will get back sometime

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Late Afternoon Trip to the Local Farm Shop

Started taking some photos of what is left of Autumn colour this afternoon on our way to a local farm shop and......... can I put the 
i-pad down............ 

The tearoom won a County competition as a place of excellence
 but not for us today, I need to get back.

Well at least it gave a break to Norfolk photos!